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Pursuant to the (EU) Regulation 2016/679 (hereunder defined as "Regulation"), this page describes the methods for treatment of the personal data of users who consult the websites accessible at the following addresses:
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We hereby specify that the Privacy policy may sometimes be modified in function of the activation of new services or due to legal updates. It is therefore recommended that you periodically check for updates concerning this topic by consulting the website. This page describes the methods for management of the website with regards to the treatment of the personal data pertaining to users who consult it. This policy is also disclosed in observance of art.13 of the (EU) Regulation concerning the protection of physical persons with regards to the treatment of personal data pertaining to subjects who interact with the web services offered by PILIER D'ANGLE DI PIZZATO F. & C. S.N.C., accessible at the following . Further data processing methods are defined in the disclosure note and corresponding to the starting page of the official site
This policy involves only the website of and not other websites the user may consult by clicking on links. The policy is also based on Recommendation n. 2/2001 implemented on May 17th 2001 by European authorities for the protection of personal data, reunited in the Group instituted by art. 29 of Directive n. 95/46/EC, for the purpose of identifying a series of minimum requirements for the online collection of personal data and, in particular, the methods, time frames and nature of information the owners of the treatment must provide users who connect to websites, regardless of the purposes of the connection, as well as on further updates following the implementation of the GDPR and the delegation decree connected to the GDPR.

Owner of the treatment
The consultation of this website may lead to the treatment of data regarding identified or identifiable persons.
The “owner” of this treatment is PILIER D'ANGLE DI PIZZATO F. & C. S.N.C., with legal headquarters in Via Grande Via Grandes Jorasses, 18 11013 Courmayeur (AO), VAT Code: 00569750078.
Juridical foundation of the treatment
The personal data indicated in this page are treated by PILIER D'ANGLE DI PIZZATO F. & C. S.N.C., for the purpose of performing its activities. The juridical foundations for treatment on the website are consent, execution of a contract and pursuit of a legal obligation.
Place of the personal data treatment
The treatment connected to the web services offered by this site will be performed in the European Union, will be managed by the service provider Semplify Srl and will be processed by the technical staff of Network Service Srl (Data Protection Officer), and by other persons appointed by Network Service Srl in occasion of update and maintenance operations. No data deriving from this web service will be disseminated. Personal data supplied by users for contact requests will be used for the sole purpose of providing the requested service, and this may include treatment via external providers.

Type of processed data and objectives of the treatment
Navigation data
During normal operations, the IT systems and software procedures used to ensure the functionality of this website acquire a series of personal data. Its transmission is implicit in the use of internet communication protocols.
This data category includes the IP addresses or dominion names of computers and terminals used by the visitors, the URI/URL (Uniform Resource Identifier/Locator) addresses of requested resources, the time of the request, the method used to forward the request to the server, the dimensions of the file received in reply, the numerical code indicating the status of the response provided by the server (successful, error, etc.) and further parameters concerning the operating system and the user’s IT environment.
This data, necessary for fruition of web services, is also processed for the following purposes:
• To obtain statistic information on the use of services (most viewed pages, number of visitors per time frame or daily, visitors’ geographic areas, etc.);
• To check the correct functionality of the services on offer.
Data communicated by the user
The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of messages to the contact address of PILIER D'ANGLE DI PIZZATO F. & C. S.N.C., as well as the compilation and forwarding of modules on the website, involve the acquisition of the sender’s contact data, necessary for sending a response, and of all the personal data included in these communications.
Specific information notes will be published on the website for the supply of certain services.
Cookies and further tracking systems
No cookies are used for user profiling.
On the other hand, session cookies (non-persistent) are used only to ensure safe and efficient navigation of websites. The memorization of session cookies in terminals or browsers can be controlled by the user, in the case that, at the end of HTTP sessions, information concerning cookies are recorded on the service logs, with retention periods depending on each single third party manager of the service in question. Data acquired via cookies and its management methods are described in full in our “cookie policy”.
Navigation data
This data is used only to obtain anonymous statistic information concerning use of the website and to check its correct functionality. This data is deleted immediately after elaboration. Information collected automatically can be used by PILIER D'ANGLE DI PIZZATO F. & C. S.N.C. to ascertain responsibilities in the event of hypothetical IT crimes against the website, to improve navigation and contents of the website. Data acquired via cookies is described in full in our “cookie policy”.
Data supplied voluntarily by the user

The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of data inserted in the data collection modules (forms), or in e-mails to the electronic mail addresses supplied on this website entails the acquisition of the sender’s address, necessary to respond to requests, as well as of eventual further personal data contained in the messages sent. We specify that personal and/or corporate data inserted in the forms on the website is protected by PILIER D'ANGLE DI PIZZATO F. & C. S.N.C. and used only to answer user queries and to provide requested information and services.

Optional nature of the conferral of data

With the exception of the information listed above concerning data treatment, the user is free to provide PILIER D'ANGLE DI PIZZATO F. & C. S.N.C. with personal data via the info request modules. In any case, whenever such data is requested, a specific disclosure note will be supplied and, if necessary, the user’s consent will asked to indicate his/her consent.

Treatment methods
Personal data are treated via automatic tools only for the time strictly necessary to perform the operations for which they are collected. Specific safety measures are observed to prevent losses of data, unlawful or incorrect uses and unauthorized access. We wish to inform you that, for the purpose of offering a complete service, links to other websites managed by different owners are present on our pages. We decline any responsibility concerning errors, contents, cookies, morally illicit materials, advertising, banners or files that fail to comply with current legislation and Privacy laws on websites we refer to but that are not managed by us.
Data recipients
The recipients of the data collected due to consultation of the site listed above are subjects designated by PILIER D'ANGLE DI PIZZATO F. & C. S.N.C. as subjects responsible for the treatment, pursuant to article 28 of the Regulation.
Network Service srl as supplier of the development and maintenance services of the web platform;
Semplify srl as supplier of the development, supply and operational management regarding the technological platforms used.
The personal data collected is furthermore treated by staff of PILIER D'ANGLE DI PIZZATO F. & C. S.N.C. on the basis of specific instructions related to purposes and methods of the treatment in question.
Transfer to foreign countries
Third party countries: The data is not transmitted in third party countries.
Rights of data subjects
You have every right to obtain the cancellation (right to be forgotten), limitation, updating, correction, portability or the data and to oppose the processing of your data. Furthermore, in general, you can exercise all rights set by articles 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 of the GDPR, when applicable to the processing of personal data.

EU Reg. 2016/679: Articles 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 – Rights of the data subject

• The data subject shall have the right to obtain from the controller confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning him or her are being processed, even if not yet processed, and the communication of such data in intelligible form.

• The data subject shall have the right to obtain indications concerning:
a. the origins of the personal data;
b. the purposes and methods of the processing;
c. the logic applied in the case of processing via the use of electronic tools;
d. the ID details of the owner, of the subjects in charge of the treatment and of the designated subject responsible for the treatment pursuant to article 5, comma 2;
e. the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the personal data have been or will be disclosed, or who may process the data as designated representatives in the territory of their State, or as subjects appointed to process the data.

* The data subject shall have the right to obtain:
a. the updating, rectification or, when required, the integration of his/her data;
b. the cancellation, transformation to anonymous form or blocking of data processed unlawfully, included data for which retention is not necessary in relation to purposes for which the data was collected or later processed;
c. the certification that operations described in the above items a) and b) were disclosed – including their contents – to subjects who received the data, with the exception of cases in which this is impossible or requires a use of means clearly disproportionate to the right being protected;
d. the portability of his/her data.

* The data subject shall have the right to oppose, entirely or in part:
a. for legitimate reasons, the processing of his/her personal data, even if pertinent to the purpose for its collection;
b. the processing of his/her personal data for purposes connected to the sending of advertising materials, to direct sales or for market researches or commercial communications.
Right to lodge complaints
Data subjects who deem that the treatment of their personal data via this website takes place in violation of provisions set by the Regulation have the right to present claims to the Guarantor, pursuant to 77 of the Regulation, or to bring their actions before the competent courts (art. 79 of the Regulation).


Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy
Let’s start with what cookies are

A cookie is a small text file (just a few bytes) that is exchanged between an internet site and your browser, and is normally used by the website operator to memorize the info needed to improve navigation within the website.
PILIER D'ANGLE DI PIZZATO F. & C. S.N.C., in its quality of Owner of the treatment of your personal data, manages cookies in compliance with the 2002/58/EC Directive issued by the European Parliament and the 12th July 2002 Council concerning the treatment of personal data and the protection of privacy in the sector of electronic communications (privacy and electronic communications directive), for the following treatment purposes:

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• Technical cookies: technical and Functional access to the Website (no data is held after the Browser is shut down);
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These cookies can exchange information and trace the navigation of the user registered for one of the present services. The procedure for de-activating these cookies is indicated below, plus they can be de-activated via each single link.
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Your data will be treated only by staff explicitly authorized by the Owner and/or designated subject and, in particular, by the following categories of appointed subjects:

• Designated web technicians;
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Diffusion: Your personal data will not be disseminated in any way.

Cookie management and deactivation:

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For further info and the possibility to renounce the use of cookies, please visit


Best Rate Guarantee
12-17 years old:
6-12 years old:
0 - 6 years old:

À la carte menu "Taverna Pilier"

Coperto € 3,00

Saveurs du Val d'Aoste



Un giro d'alpeggi e salumerie della Valle, pane ai fichi e noci, castagne sciroppate al miele, confettura

Charcuterie and cheese selection, walnut & fig bread, chestnuts with honey

Sélection de charcuteries et fromage, pain aux noix et figues, châtaignes au miel

Euro 19,00 (4|7|9|13|14)


Motzetta di Bovino, Cervo e Lard d’Arnad dop riserva“Maison Bertolin” con pane ai fichi e noci, castagne sciroppate al miele

Motzetta Beef/Venison, Lard de Bosses with juniper, walnut & fig bread, chestnuts with honey

Motzetta Boeuf/Cerf, Lard de Bosses au geniévre, pain aux noix et figues, châtaignes au miel

Euro 19,00 (4|9)


La Seuppette à la Valpellinentze

zuppa a base di pane nero, cavolo, fontina d'alpeggio, guanciale, cannella, noce moscata

Soup with black bread, cabbage, Fontina D.O.P, bacon, cinnamon, nutmeg

Soupe avec pain noir, choux, Fontina D.O.P, bacon, cannelle, noix de muscate

Euro 14,00 (4|6|7|9|10|14)



di patate con formaggio cremoso, cipolla, guanciale affumicato e piccola misticanza

Potatoes tartiflette with cheese, onion, bacon

Tartiflette de pommes de terre au fromage, oignons, bacon fumé

Euro 14,00 (Gluten free, 7)


La Fondue** alla Valdostana

di fontina d'alpeggio “maitre fromager Eliseo Duclos” crostini, patate e riso bollito

Mountain pasture Fontina cheese fondue**, bread croutons, potatoes and boiled rice

Fondue** au fromage Fontina d'Alpage, croûtons de pain, pommes de terre et riz bouilli

Euro 18,00 (Vegetarian 4|5|7)


Polenta Concia

macinata a pietra f.lli Laurent d'Arnad, Fontina, burro ripassata al forno

Polenta Taragna, cheese Fontina and butter, oven baked

Polenta Taragna, fromage Fontina et beurre, cuite au four

Euro 14,00 (Vegetarian, 4|7)


Polenta Grassa con Funghi trifolati

macinata a pietra f.lli Laurent d'Arnad, Fontina, burro, Funghi

Polenta Taragna, cheese Fontina and butter,oven baked, mushrooms

Polenta Taragna, fromage Fontina et beurre,cuite au four,champignons

Euro 18,00 (Vegetarian, 4|7|5)


Carbonade** e polenta dei Fratelli Laurent D'Arnad

pezzetti di bovino cotti nel Vin Blanc de Morgex et la Salle, cipolla, polenta

Carbonade beef** stew in vin Blanc de Morgex et la Salle, onion and polenta

Carbonade morceaux de bœuf** cuits au vin blanc de Morgex et la salle, oignons et polenta

Euro 22,00 (4|8)


Costoletta di Vitello** alla Valdostana

con prosciutto cotto alla brace di Saint-Oyen, Fontina, contorni del momento

Veal Chop**, Fontina cheese and Saint Oyen cooked ham, vegetables of the day

Cotelette de veau**, Fontina et jambon cuit de Saint Oyen, légumes du jour

Euro 26,00 (4|5|7|12)




Messata di cervo, erbette selvatiche, gelato al Bleu d'Aoste, olio di noci Dinus Donavit

Raw stag beef,wild herbs, Bleu d'Aoste icecream cheese,walnut oil

Cerf cru, glace de Bleu d'Aoste, erbs sauvage, huile de noix

Euro 18,00 (Gluten free 7|9)


Insalata di Baccalà, arancia,uvetta,cipolla rossa agrodolce, pomodorini semi dry

Codfish, orange,raisins, sweet and sour red onion,cherry tomatoes

Morue, orange,raisins secs,oignon rouge aigre-doux,tomates

Euro 17,00 ( Gluten free, 1|9|10|4 )



Pinzimonio d'ortaggi con hummus di ceci

Mixed vegetable crudités with chickpea hummus

Crudités de légumes avec hummus de pois chiches

Euro 15,00 a persona (Gluten free-Vegetarian, 9|10|12)



Tartare bovino A.R.E.V.,acciuga di Trapani, capperi, oliva taggiasca, olio monocultivar taggiasca

Beef tartare, anchovy, capers, olives

Tartare de bœuf, capres et anchois

Euro 18,00 (Gluten free, 1)




I nostri Agnolotti del Plin alle 3 carni, pomodoro infornato, ricotta affumicata

Agnolotti, tomaoe sauce, ricotta cheese

Agnolotti avec tomate et fromage ricotta

Euro 16,00 (4|5|7|8|9|10)


Strangolapreti di pane raffermo all’ortica, fonduta di Fontina d’alpeggio “Caseificio Duclos Eliseo”, Boudin artigianale “Pietro Laurent”

Gnocchi** made of bread and nettle, Fontina cheese fondue, Boudin

Gnocchi de pain et ortie** fromage Fontina d'Alpage, Boudin

Euro 16,00 (4|5|7|8|10)


Tagliatelle** classiche al ragout di cervo**

Tagliatelle** with venison ragout

Tagliatelle pates**, chevreuil

Euro 17,00 (4|5|6|8|10)


Spaghettoni freschi** “acqua e semola”

a piacere… Carbonara – Pomodoro fresco e basilico – Bolognese- Pesto alla genovese

Spaghetti**..Carbonara- fresh tomatoes and basil- Bolognese- Pesto Genovese

Spaghetti** aux choix..Carbonara-Tomates fraîches et basilic -Bolognaise- Pesto Genovese

Euro 14,00 (4|5|7|8|9|10)


Tortellini SENZA GLUTINE** alle 3 carni,pomodoro infornato, ricotta affumicata

Tortellini, tomaoe sauce, ricotta cheese

Tortellini avec tomate et fromage ricotta

Euro 16,00 (Gluten free, 5|7|9|10)




Trota** alpina, tempura d’ortaggi, salsa tzatziki

Trout** , vegetable tempura, tzatziky sauce

Truite**, tempura de légumes,sauce tzatziki

Euro 22,00 ( 1|4|5|7)


La Tagliata di Bovino Valdostano razza Pezzata Rossa A.R.E.V, ortaggi grill, patate arrostite, salsa bernese

Beef cut from Aosta Valley, grill vegetables, potatoes, Bernese sauce

Coupe de Boeuf de la Vallée,légumes grillés,pommes de terre,sauce Bernoise

Euro 29,00 (Gluten free, 5|7|8)


Stinco di maialino da latte arrostito al vin Blanc de Morgex et la Salle, purè di sedano rapa e composta di Mela Renetta

Pork hock, celeriac puree**, apple compote

Jarret de cochon, purée de céleri-rave**,compote de pomme

Euro 27,00 (Gluten free, 6|7|8|9|10)


Ossobuco di cervo, citronella e pepe verde, Polenta rustica macinata a pietra

Sliced venison shank, Polenta

Ossobuco de cerf avec Polenta

Euro 28,00 (Gluten free 6|8|10)






servita con Speck, jambon de Bosses DOP, Motzetta, patate al naturale e giardiniera di ortaggi, funghi Porcini sott'olio e carciofi

Raclette served with Speck, raw ham, Motsetta, potatoes and vegetables medleys, mushroom and artichokes

servie avec Speck, jambon de Bosse,Motsetta, pommes de terre et jardinière de légumes,artichaus et champignonne

Euro 32,00 a persona - minimo 2 persone

(Gluten free, 7|8|10)




Cubetti di bovino e salsiccia magra di maiale-bovino ”Macelleria Peaquin” di Chatillon da cuocere in olio vegetale, accompagnati da varie salse e patate fritte

Fondue Bourguignonne, cubes of beef and sausage to cook in a casserole of hot oil, with differents sauces and french fries

Morceaux de viande de boeuf et saucisse à cuire dans un caquelon d'huile végètale bouillante accompagnées de sauces différentes et pommes frites

Euro 32,00 a persona - minimo 2 persone

(Gluten free, 5|6|7|8|9|10|12|13)



Filetto di bovino adulto Garronese servito sulla pietra con verdure grill, patate fritte e salsa Bernese

Fillet of beef served on the stone with grilled vegetables,fried potatoes,Béarnaise sauce

Filet de boeuf servi sur la pierre avec des légumes grillès, pommes frites,sauce Béarnaise

Euro 43,00 a persona - minimo 2 persone

(Gluten free, 5|7|8|10|12)






Crema a base di gianduia, panna, rum, mandorle dolci ed amare, tegole

Cream of Gianduia, whipped cream, rhum,almonds, mandarin gelèe, biscuits

Crème au Gianduia, crème chantilly, rhum, amandes,gelèe mandarine, des biscuits

Euro 8,00 (4|5|7|8|9)



Brownie cioccolato venezuela 72% senza glutine, noci caramellizzate, ganache nocciola, cremoso passion fruit

Chocolate brownie, walnuts, passion fruit and hazelnut ganache

Chocolat brownie, noix, crémeux au passion fruit et ganache noisette

Euro 8,00 (Gluten free, 5|7|9)



Cake di rabarbaro e fragole, gelato fior di fiocca, caramello salato

Rhubarb cake and strawberries, homemade ice cream, salad caramel

Tarte aux rhubarbe et fraises, glace maison, caramel salè

Euro 9,00 (4|5|7|9)



Cioccolateria “ Robbiano” d’Arvier: Cioccolato – Nocciola – Fior di latte- Crema “come una volta”, stracciatella, pan douce

Homemade ice cream - Chocolate, hazelnut, cream, stracciatella, pan douce

Glace maison - Chocolat, noisette, crème, stracciatella, pan douce

Euro 9,00 (4/5/6/7/9)



wild berries and whipped cream

Baies, Chantilly

Euro 9,00 (Gluten free 7)



** I prodotti potrebbero essere sottoposti a procedura di abbattimento termico

** Products could be subjected to a thermal abatement procedure

** Les produits pourraient être soumis à une procédure d'abattement thermique

“Le preparazioni gastronomiche presenti nel menù posso contenere allergeni”

Le informazioni circa la presenza di sostanze o prodotti che provocano allergie sono disponibili rivolgendosi al personale di servizio.

Wine list "Taverna Pilier"

Vini al calice 15 cl con Enomatic wine serving systems


Torrette o Pinot Noir Cave Once Communes Euro 5,00

Barbera Rinaldi Abbona Euro 7,00

Nearco di Sant’Antimo Col d’Orcia Euro 8,00

Refosco del Peduncolo Rosso Vigne Zamò Riserva Euro 9,00

Barbaresco Produttori del Barbaresco Euro 10,00


Muller Thurgau o Petite Arvine Cave Once Communes Euro 5,00

Traminer aromatico Venezia Giulia Jermann Euro 7,00


Lagrein Lageder Euro 6,50



½ Muller Thurgau Coop. Onze Communes doc  lt. 0,375   

€ 13,00

½ Chardonnay Feudo San Maurizio di Michel Vallet doc lt. 0,375   

€ 15,00

½ Petite Arvine Les Cretes  lt. 0,375   

€ 17,00

½ Pinot Gris LoTriolet  lt. 0,375   

€ 17,00

½ Pinot Gris Cave Gargantua lt. 0,5   

€ 18,00

½ Petite Arvine  Grosjean Frères Vigne Rovettaz BIO  lt. 0,5   

€ 22,00


Rayon Blanc de Morgex et de la Salle doc   

€ 24,00

Gargantua Blanc Cave de Gargantua   

€ 20,00

La Touche Blanc Maison Anselmet

€ 26,00

Vin de La Fee Cave de Gargantua   

€ 24,00

Muller Thurgau Coop. Onze Communes doc   

€ 18,00

Muller Thurgau Maison Anselmet doc   

€ 28,00


Gewurztraminer Grapillon Feudo San Maurizo di Michel Vallet doc   

€ 28,00

Gewurztraminer Lo Triolet   

€ 29,00

Chambave Muscat Crotta di Vegneron   

€ 26,00

Chambave Muscat Maison Anselmet

€ 27,00

Nus Malvoisie (Pinot Gris) Az. Agr. Les Granges doc   

€ 23,00

Chardonnay Feudo San Maurizo di Michel Vallet doc   

€ 28,00

Chardonnay Grosjean Frères doc   

€ 26,00

Chardonnay “Les Cretes” dop   

€ 26,00

Chardonnay Maison Anselmet doc   

€ 29,00

Chardonnay Daphne Cave Gargantua   

€ 36,00


Petite Arvine Coop. Onze Communes doc 

 € 19,00

Petite Arvine Feudo San Maurizio doc   

€ 29,00

Petite Arvine Les Cretes dop   

€ 27,00

Petite Arvine Grosjean Frères Vigne Rovettaz BIO doc 

 € 30,00


Pinot Gris Soleil Co Enfer   

€ 23,00

Pinot Gris Cave Gargantua doc 

 € 29,00

Pinot Gris Lo Triolet di Marco Martin doc 

 € 30,00

Le Petit Prince dop Pinot gris Az. Agr. Le Vieux Joseph 

 € 32,00

Pinot Gris Brulant Les Cretes dop   

€ 34,00

Pinot Gris Lo Triolet Barrique di Marco Martin doc 

 € 39,00

Petite Arvine barrique Maison Anselmet doc 

€ 49,00

Chardonnay barrique Maison Anselmet doc 

  € 49,00

Chardonnay  Cuvé Bois Les Cretes dop   

€ 58,00



Rosé Coop. Onze Communes doc 

 € 18,00

Rosé du Coteau Institut Agricole

€ 22,00

Rosé Cave Gargantua

€ 24,00


Blanc Fripon V.S.Q. extra dry Cave Mont Blanc DI Morgex et La Salle 

 € 24,00

Triskell Rosé Brut Metodo Classico Mayolet Co-Enfer  

€ 34,00

“1187”  Vino Spumante Brut Metodo Classico Cave du Mont Blanc   

€ 34,00





½ Torrette  Coop. Onze Communes lt. 0,375   

€ 13,00

½ Torrette Feudo San Maurizio lt. 0,375 

 € 16,00

½ Pinot Noir Coop. Onze Communes lt. 0,375 

 € 13,00

½ Donnas doc  lt. 0,375   

€ 16,00

½ Gamay Grosjean Frères lt. 0,5   

€ 16,00

½ Fumin Feudo San Maurizio doc  lt. 0,375 

 € 19,00

½ Enfer d'Arvier doc lt. 0,375   

€ 19,00

½ Torrette Superior Les Cretes lt. 0,375 

 € 19,00

Gamay Grosjean Frères doc 

  € 22,0

Gamay Cave Gargantua 

 € 24,00


La Sabla Les Cretes   

€ 22,00

Nus  Az. Agr. Les Granges 

 € 23,00

La Touche Rouge Maison Anselmet   

€ 26,00


Torrette  Once Communes doc   

€ 17,00

Torrette Feudo San Maurizio doc   

€ 24,00

Torrette Les Cretes 

  € 22,00

Torrette  Grosjean Frères doc 

  € 24,00


Torrette  Superior Feudo San Maurizio   

€ 30,00

Torrette  Superior Les Cretes 

  € 29,00

Torrette  Superior Labié Cave Gargantua   

€ 30,00

Torrette Superior Vigne Rovettaz bio Gros Jean Frères dop 

 € 32,00

Torrette Superior Maison Anselmet doc 

 € 34,00

Pinot Noir Once Communes doc 

 € 17,00

Pinot Noir Crotta di Vegneron   

€ 22,00

Pinot Noir Grosjean Frères doc   

€ 26,00

Pinot Noir Les Cretes   

€ 28,00

Pinot Noir L'Etranger Az. Agr. Les Granges 

  € 30,00

Pinot Noir Cave Gargantua   

€ 32,00

Pinot Noir Barrique Vigna Tzeriat Grosjean doc 

  € 34,00

Pinot Noir Tradition Anselmet doc 

 € 42,00

Pino Noir PIERRE Cave Gargantua

€ 56,00

Pinot Noir Semel Pater Maison Anselmet doc 

  € 69,00


Donnas Caves Cooperatives de Donnas doc 

 € 26,00

Napoleon Donnas barrique Sup. Caves Cooperatives de Donnas doc 

 € 33,00

Chambave Superiore Quatre Vignobles di Crotta di Vegneron dop   

€ 30,00

Mayolet Seigneur CoEnfer doc 

 € 24,00

Mayolet Feudo San Maurizio

   € 32,00


Mayolet Rune Brune Maison Anselmet

   € 30,00


Coteau Barrage Lo Triolet   

€ 40,00


Enfer d'Arvier Co Enfer doc 

 € 33,00

Clos de l'Enfer – Enfer Superior Co Enfer   

€ 46,00

Merlot Le Merle Les Cretes dop 

 € 46,00

Nebbiolo Sommet Les Cretes dop   

€ 52,00

Fumin Grosjean Frères doc 

 € 32,00

Fumin Feudo San Maurizio doc 

 € 34,00

Fumin Az. Agr. Les Granges doc   

€ 34,00

Fumin Esprit Follet Crotta di Vegneron dop 

 € 34,00

Fumin Grosjean Frères Vigne Rovettaz doc 

 € 39,00

Fumin Maison Anselmet   

€ 42,00


Clos de Cartesan Az. Agr. Le Vieux Joseph 

 € 32,00

Impasse Cave Gargantua – Fumin, Merlot, Vielles Vignes 

 € 46,00

Gamaret Institut Agricole doc 

€ 30,00

Gamaret Cave Gargantua

€ 32,00

Cornalin Feudo San Maurizio di Michel Vallet doc

€ 30,00


Broblan Cornalin Maison Anselmet

€ 32,00

Vin du Prevot Institut Agricole doc 

€ 33,00

Vuillermin Feudo San Maurizio di Michel Vallet doc 

 € 34,00

Syrah Echelette Gros Jean Frères doc 

 € 30,00

Syrah Vallee d'Aoste Les Cretes dop 

 € 33,00

Henry (Syrah) Maison Anselmet doc 

 € 44,00

Prisonnier Maison Anselmet   

€ 94,00



Regione Piemonte

½ Barbera vivace La Monella Az. Agr. Braida doc   

€ 13,00

Grignolino  Az. Agr. Braida doc   

€ 20,00

Barbera vivace La Monella Az. Agr. Braida doc   

€ 20,00

Barbera d’Asti Montebruna Az. Agr. Braida doc 

 € 27,00

Barbera d'Alba Ruvei Marchesi di Barolo   

€ 29,00

Barbera d'Alba Piana Ceretto Bio 

  € 32,00

Barbera D’Alba Rinaldi di Marziano Abbona doc 

  € 30,00

La Luna e i Falò Barbera di Nizza Monf. Superiore Vite Colte docg   

€ 33,00

Barbera Peiragal Marchesi di Barolo 

 € 36,00

½ Bricco dell’Uccellone Barbera d’Asti Az. Agr. Braida doc   

€ 36,00

Bricco dell’Uccellone Barbera d’Asti Az. Agr. Braida doc 

  € 79,00

Dolcetto d'Alba Mosesco Prunotto 

 € 25,00

Dolcetto d'Alba Ceretto 

 € 28,00

Dolcetto Papà Celso Dogliani di Marziano Abbona doc   

€ 30,00

Cremes Gaja Langhe  (Dolcetto-Pinot Nero) dop 

  € 49,00


Nebbiolo Ciabot di Traversa doc 

  € 27,00

Nebbiolo Occhetti di Prunotto doc 

  € 30,00

Nebbiolo Produttori del Barbaresco doc

    € 30,00

Nebbiolo Bricco Barone di Marziano Abbona doc 

  € 33,00

La Malora di Vite Colte  Langhe Nebbiolo doc   

€ 32,00

Nebbiolo Michet Marchesi di Barolo   

€ 34,00

Nebbiolo Bernardina Ceretto Bio   

€ 36,00


Gattinara di Travaglini docg   

€ 32,00

Gattinara di Travaglini Tre Vigne docg 

  € 44,00

Gattinara di Travaglini Riserva docg 

  € 50,00

Villa Martis Tenute Cisa Asinari di Gresy Langhe Rosso doc   

€ 32,00

½ Sito Moresco di Gaja Langhe Rosso doc   


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