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The Three Princes of Serendip

In ancient times there existed in the country of Serendippo, in the Far East, a great and powerful king by the name of Giaffer. He had three sons who were very dear to him. And being a good father and very concerned about their education, he decided that he had to leave them endowed not only with great power, but also with all kinds of virtues of which princes are particularly in need; that's why he decided to send them away.

They met a man who had lost his camel. They claim they perfectly know where it is and who took it. They had traced clues to identify precisely a camel they have never seen. They concluded that the camel was lame, blind in one eye, and missing a tooth.
As soon as they report their observations to the merchant, he accuses them of stealing the camel and takes them to the Emperor Beramo, where he demands punishment.

It is only when a traveler enters the scene to say that he has just found a missing camel wandering in the desert that Beramo spares the lives of the Three Princes, lavishes rich rewards on them and appoints them to be his advisors. But how could them know so many things about that camel?

Grass had been eaten from the side of the road where it was less green, so the princes had deduced that the camel was blind on the other side. Because there were lumps of chewed grass on the road the size of a camel’s tooth, they deduced they had fallen through the gap left by a missing tooth. The tracks showed the prints of only three feet, the fourth being dragged, indicating that the animal was lame.

Serendipity is a propensity for making fortunate discoveries while looking for something unrelated.